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Song Thrush

Turdus philomelos

Besides being a common bird throughout the country, the song trush mavis impresses with its outstanding songs that can be heard most often in early spring, during the mating period. 

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In Romania, the song thrush arrives early in March and leaves late in autumn.


  • Length: approximately 23 cm.

  • Wingspan: 33-36 cm.

  • Weight: 70-90 grams.

  • Plumage: the back and wings are brown with darker shades. The belly, chest and chin are white-yellowish with arrows dark brown spots.

  • The adults have brown or yellow-brown legs, while chickens feet are soft pink.

  • The song of this species is musically, strong, wih melodious, sharped notes.

  • Food: slugs, grubs and insects. Rarely, it feeds with different seeds and fruits.


Did you know...

  • The song thrush has a smart way to eat snails? After it finds a snail, the bird takes it on a rigid support (stone, cement) and hits him repeatedly, until the shell breaks.

  • The song thrush sings just at dusk, fog or when it rains?

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