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Deer Shield Pro


Price: 259 Euro + VAT
(1.232 LEI + VAT)

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Short description

Deer Shield Pro uses digital recordings of aggressive, hostile and territorial deer to trigger a primal fear and flee response, effectively and humanely controlling deer.


- Deer Shield Pro is ideal for repelling deer from yards, gardens and landscaping. 

- Deer Shield Pro is also proven effective at getting rid of deer from crops, vineyards and orchards by disrupting their normal feeding patterns.

- A built-in motion sensor activates the deer deterrent sounds only when deer are present. 

- The range of the motion detector can be adjusted up to 75 feet, under optimum conditions. 

- The detachable high-fidelity weather-resistant speaker can cover up to 300 feet x 200 feet. 

- Deer Shield Pro is fully adjustable for volume, motion sensitivity, sound duration, and day, night or 24-hour operation.

- The Deer Shield Pro control unit can be mounted to a post or any stationary object.  The included speaker can be attached to the control unit or mounted remotely with the included 10 feet (3 meters) of cable.

- Once the speaker cable and power are connected adjustment can be made for day, night or 24-hour protection.

- Motion sensor sensitivity and volume should be initially set to the maximum range possible to provide the greatest deer deterrent coverage possible. 

- Once the deer's feeding habits are changed both sensitivity and volume can be reduced.

System includes

- Sound generator unit with detachable PA speaker.

- Infrared motion detector.

- Power adapter with 1.5 meters of cable.

- Weather-resistant enclosure.

- Mounting bracket.

Technical specifications

- Frequency Range 100 - 5000 Hz.

- Sound Output:  100-105dB @ 1 meter.

- Power Input 12VDC (500 mA)

- Power Adapter:  110/220VAC.

- Output Pattern:  Cone-shaped.

Speaker Output Coverage:  Approximately 300 x 200 feet (91.4 x 61.5 meters)

Shipping Box Dimensions:  30.5 x 17.38 x 12.7 cm.

Shipping Box Weight:  1.5 kg.


An occasional spray with electrical contact cleaner over the connection points and switches will ensure years of trouble-free use.


Residential Yards, Flower and Vegetable Gardens, Commercial Landscaping, Viticulture, Crops, Orchards, Small Farms, Airfields.

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