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Solar Mole Repeller WK0677

Code: WK0677

Price: 18 Euro + VAT
(86 LEI + VAT)

Tel: +40769670446

Short description

The solar repeller transmits sequential sounds and vibrations directly into the groud which affects moles living in the area.


Every 30 seconds, the unit emits vibrations in the ground.  These vibrations effect the moles within an area of between 10 and 15 meters around the mole repeller depending on the soil.

The moles are disturbed and frightened, so they will be obliged to leave the protected area.

System includes

- The main component of the system, with built-in solar panel.

- Ni-Cad Battery included.

- Support tube.

Technical specifications

- Protects up to 350m².

- Integrated solar panel – no batteries needed.

- Emits sequential sounds and vibrations.

- The repeller should be installed directly into the mole gallery.

- This mole repeller is powered by a Ni-Cad battery which recharges automatically with the incorporated solar panel.  When the battery is fully charged, the unit will function 24h/24h.

- This solar-power mole repeller has been produced to resist normal exposure to rain, snow and watering systems.

- For optimal results, it is recommended to create a wall by placing units every 20 to 30 meters.


The repeller should be installed directly into the mole gallery.

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