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Ultrasounds device against rodents and insects WK0180

Code: WK0180

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Short description

Chases small rodents (mice, field mice) fleas, ticks, spiders and many other crawling insects from enclosed spaces.


Pests are repelled because they cannot adapt to the constantly changing ultrasonic signals emitted by the unit. The environment becomes hostile and uncomfortable. They are forced to leave the area. The unit should be kept away from hamsters, gerbils and pet mice. 

Ultrasonic sounds (above 20.000 Hz) are nearly silent to humans and most animals. Ultrasound cannot travel through walls. The signals bounce off hard surfaces causing a ricochet effect.

The signals are absorbed by soft materials such as carpet, curtains and furniture which may diminish the effectiveness of the unit. For best results, do not place behind furniture, curtains, etc.

System includes

- Protects an area of maximum 90m². The protected area is diminished slightly if the room is heavily furnished with soft or porous materials.

- Plugs directly into the socket.

- Visible results after 72 hours.

- Consumption : max. 0,88 watts.

- LED.

- Built-in Nightlight.

- Specially designed for use in enclosed spaces.

Technical specifications


Ultrasounds device against rodents and insects, designed for use in enclosed spaces.

Targeted pests




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