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UV Light Device against insects WK0112

Code: WK0112

Price: 13 Euro + VAT
(62 LEI + VAT)

Tel: +40769670446

Short description

The device with UV light attracts and kills small flying insects, including: flies, mosquitoes, moths etc. An effective and discreet device that can be used successfully around the house.


- Protects up to 20 m².

- Effective and discreet – Ideal for use in all rooms.

- LED UV lights (6) plus a ventilator (fan) which pulls the insects into the unit. Insects are then killed by the electric grid in the unit.

- There is a drawer to remove and empty the dead insects.

- Safety: when the drawer is opened, the fan stops and the electric grid has no power.

- There is also an ON/OFF switch.

System includes

Technical specifications

- Protects up to 20 m².
- 6 LED UV lights.

- 220/240V with 1.20m power cord – no batteries required.

- Unit size: H12 x W10 x D6.5 cm. 


The UV light device is specially designed for use in enclosed spaces and is effective to remove small insects (mosquitoes, moths, flies, etc.).

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