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Short description

The firefly prevent collisions with power lines (both transmission and distribution) and also prevent birds roosting on towers and wires within a 10 meter radius of the installed product. The rotational speed of the firefly increases its effectiveness.


- The firefly is a well-tried, effective product for power lines, communication towers, lectrical substations etc.   

- As many bird species can see in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight, the birds will avoid the product during migration over the powerlines.

- The firefly rotates in the wind both day and night to alert approaching birds to an obstruction in their flight path.The FireFly utilizes both reflective and uv absorption in the high impact plastic plate.

- Devices developed and tested by specialists ornithologists.

- Fireflies use reflective UV light spectrum and movement to attract and capture the attention of birds and to banish them.

- Emitted light in the UV spectrum can be observed even in difficult lighting conditions, rain or fog only by birds, modifying their flight path.

- The effect caused by firefly light is amplified by the rotation and / or balancing and this increas visibility and disorientation of birds nearby.

- Fireflies prevent arcing caused by birds nesting on poles or wires.

- Once installed, reflective fireflies disturb birds within a radius of 12m in all directions, producing a barrier which forces them to bypass the marked area.

- Fireflies has 2 fluorescent colors (one per side). By alternation, balancing or spinning, the fluorescent colors contrast natural colors contrast of the environment.

- At night, fluorescent can last between 10 and 12 hours if, throughout the day, glow worm was loaded with natural light solar.

- Fireflies produce initially a 6 lumens/m3. The intensity is reduced to 1 lumen/m3 1-2 hours after sunset.

- Fireflies are provided on the sides with two wings that, in the wind, print a continuous rotational motion.

System includes

Technical specifications

- The firefly rotates and/or swings at a wind speed of over 5km/h.

- Properly installed, the fireflies hold up to a wind speed of 80-90km/ha.

- Increased resistance to impact and big temperature differences (-35 C degrees to +70 C degrees).

Dimensions: 14 cm.

Maximum Voltage Support: LV type 132kV networks to EHV.

- The grip can be attached to cables up to 70mm in diameter.

- Clamping device allows mounting the firefly on cables with a tilt angle of 45 degrees, thus eliminating the danger of slipping.

- Clamping system specifically designed not to damage the cable or the bars where is mounted.

- The gripper is padded with two pieces of rubber material with anti-slip protective role.

- The gripper is made of a special material (DuPont Zytel Nylon PA66-ST801), resistant to heat, cold, moisture, chemicals.

- System equipped with two powerful springs grip.

- Fireflies can be easily installed without interrupting ground electric current that flows through the cable.

- Installation is made using a gripper/detachment installed at the end of a telescopic bat.



Fireflies can be installed on power networks cables, overhead lines on poles and on any type of cable to be protected or to be seen by passing birds (migratory birds).

Fireflies can be attached using aluminum rods right on the walls of houses, to prevent and to stop birds getting closer.

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