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Radio controlled electronic cannon ZON EL08


Price: 700 Euro + VAT
(3.330 LEI + VAT)

Tel: +40769670446

Short description

This cannon is similar to the Electronic cannon Zon EL08 to which has been attached an improved radio controlled system. The RC system detonates the cannon by pressing the transmitter button, creating a series of explosions previously set for the cannon.


- Firing the cannon from afar only when necessary.

- Eliminates the random firing property of the cannon.

- Maximum efficiency by maladjustment of birds and wild animals to the new stress mode.

- Able to work only when needed.

- Multiple possibilities of settings.

- Can control one or multiple cannons (receivers) simultaneously from a single radio control (transmitter) only.

- One cannon (receiver) can be controlled by multiple radio controllers (transmitters).

- Multiple radio controllers can control multiple cannons.

- The radio controllers are within the current Romanian and European legislation regarding the usage regime of radio frequency spectrum.

- No special usage license necessary.

- FM technology with high safety value.

- RF protocol highly secured, avoiding the possibility of false alarms or radio waves collision.

- Low cost by diminishing the gas consumption.

- Increased working time, refilling the gas cylinder depending on the detonation frequency.

- Quality/cost ratio superior to all other birds and wild animals repellent classic devices.

-  It saves important material and human resources diminishing the overall cost towards this kind of activity.

System includes

The electronic cannon fitted with metal legs (removable) to position 10-12 cm of soil.

The gas regulator is included in the price (with the safety valve).

1 transmitter with 4 channels and 1 receiver.


- Propane gas cylinder (butane / LPG) can be purchased from local distributors and it is not included in the price.

- The battery (12v) required for system power.

Technical specifications

- Radio controlled system that works in 869,500 MHz frequency.

- The range of the transmitter (3pcs x AAA battery) is guaranteed up to approx. 2000m straight line in the open. On a distance of 4000m, the response rate is 80-90%. In difficult conditions, the distance is significantly reduced.

- The possibility of setting the working period (continuously from 0 sec to 5 minutes).

- The maximum effective power of the transmitter is 10mW e.r.p.

- RF protocol highly secured, avoiding the possibility of false alarms or radio waves collision.

- Waterproof receiver, IP68 norm.

- IP67 norm transmitter.

- Operating temperature of the receiver: between approx. -10 ° C and + 50 ° C.

- Transmitter can trigger the same time Zon EL08 cannons and other scarecrows (ex. Supr Pro AMP BG, BG-Super Pro PA4 etc.).

- 12V power.

- Installation via the connection to the electricity transmission and relay screwing terminal.

- The relays are activated by pressing the transmit button on the transmitter encoder.

- Wrapped in a housing with IP68 weather protection, the receiver has the ability to store up to 15 pairs of transmitter controls. These are saved even if the electricity supply is interrupted.

- Each individual switch in each of the transmitters may be coupled to any or all of the receiver relay transmission.

- The decoder is supplied in a carrying case with IP68 protection with gasket and curved devices for wall mounting


Scarecrow birds and animals used successfully in agriculture, viticulture, fruit, vegetable, various types of plantations, farms, civil and military airports, airfields, landfills, waste dumps.

The device protects birds successfully anti drip systems.

Targeted pests


Independent power kit:

- Photovoltaic solar panel 5W minimum or similar - battery recharge, making the system independent of any power supply.

- It spares the user from periodic recharging of the battery.

- The voltage regulator has a witness who gives information on battery charge level, but it also has a total interruption switch electric circuit.

- The voltage regulator doesn't allow the solar panel overcharging.

- 12 V battery.

- In cold weather or extended cludiness periods, the battery needs recharging.

Price (VAT not included): 249 Euro.


- It is designed to increase the efficiency of each detonation (in which case covers approx. 3ha).
- The higher the placement, the better the sound conduction.
- Full area coverage with a 360 degrees revolution due to its rotating movement.
- Each detonation lead to 50-70 degrees in circular motion for the cannon.
- Adjustable tripod legs are designed to cope with the unevenness of the pitch.
- It is carefully balanced to provide maximum stability and a height of aprox. 1,2m.

Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 15 cm.
Weight: 5.5 kg.

Tripod price (VAT not included): 80 Euro.

Price for 1 extra receiver (VAT not included): 235 Euro.
Price for 1 extra transmitter (VAT not included): 190 Euro.



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