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Scarecrow kite hawk


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(171 LEI + VAT)

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Short description

Conceived and designed specifically to remove wild birds, due to its design that accurately imitate a hawk.


- The scarecrow hawk kite moves, rises and plunges just like a real hawk, managing to scare away pests.

- Scarecrow kite launches / relaunches automatically to any breeze.

- Natural movements exploits instinctive fear of birds against predators.

- Efficient and silent scarecrow that fits easily into natural space.

- It is recommended to place the hawk kite in an open area to avoid various obstacles in the flight and so that the hawk to catch the air currents.


- Scarecrow specifically designed to remove harmful wild birds.

- Use of this scarecrows in areas affected by different pests help reduce maintenance costs, cleaning and repair.

Scarecrow hawk kite helps:

- To protect areas or equipment from corrosive birds droppings.

- To reduce the risk of spread of various diseases carried by pest.

- To decrease noise pollution in the covered areas.

System includes

Fiberglass telescopic pole 6 m height and all mounting accessories.

Technical specifications

- Sustainable support with 4 fiberglass rods, both on the circle and the center of the kite.

- Telescopic pole for fixing the kite to the maximum height of 6 m. The hawk kite can rotate in a circle with a radius of about 12 m.

- Wind speed necessary for hawk kite ascension: between 3 and 30 km / h.

Dimensions: 55 x 90 cm.

Weight: 40 gr.


Open urban areas, roofs of buildings and warehouses, courtyards, gardens, crops of any kind, lawns, landfills, farms, silos etc.

Targeted pests


6 m pole with mounting stake:

- Telescopic pole maximum height: 6 m.

- Stake the stick into the ground from a height of 50 cm above ground level, so as to provide maximum stability of the pole.

- The telescopic pole is inserted into the cleat, then adjusted to the desired height.



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