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Mechanical cannon ZON Mark 4 with tripod


Price: 270 Euro + VAT
(1.285 LEI + VAT)

Tel: +40769670446

Short description

The Zon cannon proved, in over 50 years of existence, through reliability and durability that is a device that you can count on. Capable of repelling birds and wild animals, Zon cannon (made in Holland) is using the explosive power of propane (butane) ignition to create a sound even more powerful than a shot. 


- The most user-friendly propane cannon in the world.

- Made to work during any season.

- Interval between shots infinitely adjustable from app. 30 seconds to app. 30 minutes (The detonation time lapse can be programmed from the gas regulator).

- The cannon is fueled by propane (butane) gas.

- Butane gas can be used as well, although at low temperatures may have a lower performance.

- The gas cylinder is not included in the price but it can be purchased from the local gas distributors. 

- The cannon is running with a Piezo type igniter and not flint or batteries.

- The gas regulator is included in the price.

- It can be set straight on fresh ground, the frames' steady design preventing any movement during the detonation.

- Easy maintenance with low cost.

System includes

Scarecrow mechanical cannon with gas regulator, equipped with metal legs (removable) to position 10-12 cm from the ground (is supplied ready for use).


- It is designed to increase the efficiency of each detonation (in which case covers approx. 3ha).
- The higher the placement, the better the sound conduction.
- Full area coverage with a 360 degrees revolution due to its rotating movement.
- Each detonation lead to 50-70 degrees in circular motion for the cannon.
- Adjustable tripod legs are designed to cope with the unevenness of the pitch.
- It is carefully balanced to provide maximum stability and a height of aprox.1,2m.

Dimensions: 80 x 20 x 15 cm.
Weight: 4.5 kg,.

On request we can deliver tripods which can reach heights of approx. 1.8m or 2.25m.

NOT INCLUDED: Propane gas cylinder (butane / LPG) can be purchased from local distributors and it is not included in the price.

Technical specifications

- A 10 kg gas cylinder can ensure up to 17.000 detonations.

- The sound intensity is about 120 dB measured perpendicular 1 meter away from the end of the loudspeaker.

- Piezo electronic ignition for up to 100.000 detonation.

- The cannon is designed to operate at any temperature as long as the gas remains in the initial state, gaseous. At temperatures below + 5 ° C must use gas phase propane gas liquefaction point of -42 ° C.

- It covers up to 3 ha area.

- Maximum wind speed: 7-26 m / s.

- Its efficiency is related to its location and number of cannons within an area.

- Requires annual maintenance (lubrication, spark plug cleaning).

Weight: 7,3 kg.

Dimensions: 95 x 28 x 40 cm.

Indoor use is prohibited.

Soundproof earphones are recommended for the workers in its radius. 


Scarecrow birds and animals used successfully in agriculture, viticulture, fruit, vegetable, various types of plantations, farms, civil and military airports, airfields, landfills, waste dumps.

The device protects birds successfully anti drip systems.

Targeted pests


Optional on/off timer

Starts and stops the flow of gas from the cylinder powering cannon every day at desired times, such care is removed to open the bottle morning and evening to close it.

- Automatic on/off switch.

- Controlled by high quality quartz movement.

- Runs a full season with 1 1.5V AA battery (enclosed).

- Two positions: ON/OFF.

- Temperature variation: app 10°C(+14°F).

- Moisture and dust protective case.

- Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 10 cm.

- Weight: app 0.5 kg.

Optional ON/OFF Timer Price (VAT not included): 50 Euro.



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