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Corvus frugilegus

Rook is one of the most popular species of birds in Romania. 

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Rook is found more often in areas with arable land, river and steppe regions, where the soil is soft and fertile.


  • Sedentary species, which lives in large colonies, extremely noisy.
  • Intense black plumage with purplish reflexes, jagged feathers.
  • Adult birds have a whitish gray area of skin at the base of the beak to the eye and the feathers on the head, neck and shoulders are dense and silky.
  • Strong, sharp beak, with white base and black top.
  • Length: 45 cm.
  • Wingspan: between 75 and 90 cm.
  • Omnivorous diet (varied diet).


The rooks install their nest in trees, often several nests in the same tree. This can lead both to darkening trees and the noise pollution around. Moreover, like any harmful bird, because of the large number of individuals of a colony, the accumulation of droppings can damage structures. The deterioration is caused by uric acid (organic acid resulting from the combustion of poultry protein). Rooks are carriers of the  West Nile terrible virus (crows brought this virus in the US in 1999). In regions where agriculture is practiced, rooks avoid areas where winter wheat is grown and prefer areas where spring wheat can ne found, so it is regarded as a pest species.

Did you know...

  • Crows first appeared in the Miocene, about 17 million years ago, in Australia and Oceania region?
  • Crows are the only creatures except humans and apes, which are able to use tools in search for food?
  • In Scotland it was identified a colony where lived over 65,000 crows?
  • Rook can prey on small mammals, small birds or eggs of its own species?
  • Rook lives about 15 to 20 years? The oldest crow that was discovered in the wildness was 22 years old. Ravens do not support rooks’ company, they race them whenever territories of the two species overlap.
  • Globally, it is estimated that there are between 61.2 to 216 million individuals of this species?
  • The proportion between the brain and the body volume for rooks is the largest among all species of birds?

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