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Capreolus capreolus

With an wide range of spreading, this species is present in the temperate zones of Europe and Asia. Due to its increased adaptability, Capreolus capreolus deer is found in a large number of habitats.


However, they prefer forested areas with more vegetation and in Romania they will be seen from the lowland up in Carpathian forests. The beauty and gentleness emanates turn it into a real jewel for tje wildlife of Romania.


  • Capreolus capreolus deer is the smallest species of wild goats originating in Europe.

  • Solitary species, deer are organized in herds consisting of 20 to 40 members, but this only during winter.

  • Length: 100-130 cm.

  • Height at the withers: 63-67 cm.

  • Weight: 18 kg for females, up to 30 kg for males.

  • The body and neck are slightly elongated and it has large, lively eyes. The head is small, longer than wider. The ears, large and oval, are outlined with black hair and the interior is lined with soft white hair.

  • The legs are thin and tall and finished with small hooves, elongated and sharp, with well-developed lateral toes.

  • Males shows straight horns, slightly branched, but which are falling from October to November and grow again in spring, until summer.

  • The horns have an average length of 30.

  • Color varies by season and age. In summer, the fur is short, rare and brown, the head is mixed with gray, legs are yellow and the mirror is white-yellowish.In winter, the fur is brown-gray with white mirror, but also long and thick.

  • The tail is very short, measuring only a few centimeters.

  • Diet: herbivore ruminant animal, that feeds with: buds, young twigs, acorns, beechnuts, blackberry brambles, bark, leaves of various trees and shrubs, alfalfa. If during warm season deer prefers water-rich vegetable, in autumn it’s turning to concentrated food (seeds, fruits).


Herbivorous food and limited food resources in its natural habitat, can turn deer into a pest for farmlands or orchards with fruit trees, where they revel crops seeds or leaves, fruit or even the bark of trees.

Did you know...

  • Deer can live up to 15 years? The climax is the age of 7-8 years,  after this age entering into setback.

  • Deer feed in the morning or late at night and rest during the day?

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