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Canis lupus familiaris

Omnivorous mammal from the family of canide,  the dog ​​is most likely the first domesticated animal and used for hunting or company in history. 


Studies have shown that the current line of dogs was domesticated from gray wolves in the Paleolithic, by cavemen.


  • Worldwide there are over 500 million dogs, of which ¾ are stray dogs.

  • Dogs have highly developed hearing, sight and smell. All dogs senses are much more developed than in humans.

  • Conventionally, dogs are classified by size (height from the ground to the withers) in: large (over 65 cm), medium size (50-65 cm), small size (35-50 cm) and waist dwarf (under 35 cm).

  • Dogs communicate with each other through a series of different signals: facial expressions, sounds, smells or different body positions. In order to externalize emotions, dogs use their mouth, eyes, ears and tail.

  • Omnivorous diet. Their teeth are adapted to many diets. In comparison with other species of carnivores, dogs have more molars, which they use to crush and chew food.

  • Besides the company,dogs can help their owners in different ways. Some species are trained to help people with various disabilities or to detect explosives materials or drugs.


Stray dogs are dogs which live on the streets and the large number of them converts in a worrying presence of bites and the diseases they transmit. Dogs rank third in the world by number of caused deaths - 25,000 / year due to rabies (first place is occupied by mosquitoes - approximately 725,000 deaths / year and snakes - about 50,000 deaths / year).

Among the diseases spread by the strays: leptospirosis (extremely serious disease that is easily transmitted to humans, especially to children through contact with sick animal urine), Lyme disease, rabies. 

Did you know...

  • Dingo dog is not native to Australia but was taken there by the first emigrants?

  • The highest dogs are German and Irish Wolfhound Dog species? The highest known measured 103 cm.

  • The most heavy and also the longest known dog is an English Mastiff? In 1989, a specimen measured 250 cm long and weighed 125 kg.

  • The smallest dogs are Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Terrier? The smallest copy of York (registered) weighed 283 grams.

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