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Order Araneae

Order Araneae (spiders) is the largest order of arachnids and includes over 40,000 species. Spiders are found on all continents except Antarctica.


Spiders prefer tropical regions, forests, caves, alpine regions, human settlements and even water basins (depending on species).


  • The major difference between animals and spiders net construction is on silk, used for hunting.

  • Unlike insects, spiders have the body divided into two regions: ProSom and Opisthosoma (or abdomen).

  • Spiders breathe through lungs.

  • Most spiders have eight eyes, but there are species that have 12 eyes. Most eye only helps to differentiate between light and dark, while a small part to ensure.

  • Although almost all species of spiders are venomous venom role is to paralyze their prey, not to hurt people, for example. However, 25 species of spiders have venom that may affect on people.

  • Most species of spiders are "cannibals". Most often, females eat their partners even during mating ritual.

  • The species of spiders that hunt actively and do not build webs have dense tufts of fine hair between toes claws. These clumps branch in over 1,000 threads and thinner wires that allow them to climb vertical surfaces and planes.

  • Most species of spiders are carnivores and hunt various insects, most often grasping them into the trap woven mesh.

  • Although all species of pianjeni produce silk can use to build blades.


Spiders are some of the most common insects in people's homes and among the most difficult to eliminate. After entering a dwelling spiders shelter in inaccessible places: cracks, splits or in areas with high humidity (bathroom or kitchen).

Spider bites can cause irritation and swelling of the skin, severe allergic reactions or, in some cases, even death.

Did you know...

  • The smallest species of spiders is Patu Digue and measures only 0.37 mm?

  • The best known and spiders are venomous black widow and brown recluse spider, whose bite caused numerous deaths in recent decades?

  • In some cultures, spiders are seen as culinary delicacies?

  • Silk spider is considered to be the strongest material existing on Earth and, especially, natural product? Scientists still have not managed to replicate its structure and accomplish a similar matrial.

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