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Ixodes ricinus

Ticks are the largest mites, with a length between 2 and 30 mm, depending on the species and stage of life. 

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In Romania there are 27 species of ticks, but the most prevalent species is Ixodes ricinus or the common tick. Parasitic insects, the ticks are found, most often, on mammalian skin or on fur/skin of animals, birds and reptiles.


  • Ticks are typically mite body, dorsal-ventral flattened.

  • Young ticks have three pairs of legs and the adults 4 pairs.

  • Although ticks are very small size, they are visible to the eye.

  • The males are black, the females are black with red abdomen.

  • Unlike insects, ticks don’t have head, antennae, thorax or abdomen.

  • Ticks are hematophagous parasites (they feed with the blood of the host).

  • The mouthparts are adapted for sucking and stunging.

  • After a period of intensive feeding, females lay the ground between 1000 and 3000 eggs.

  • If not removed, ticks are living on a single host for a few days.

  • Ticks are found most often in shady areas with moist soil and they oftenly cling to the grass, bushes, shrubs or low tree branches. 


Some species of ticks do not transmit disease nor serious health problems. Other species, however, are the main vector of Lyme disease or a particular type of menigoencefalita.

Ticks can pinch any area of ​​the body, but they prefer: the area behind the ears, back of the neck, armpits, groin and behind the knee. At the site of the bite, after the tick has been removed or it felled, allergic reactions may occur to the tick’s saliva or urticarial lesions. If pathogens of Lyme disease are transmitted to humans, they can get sick very easily from this disease.

Did you know...

  • After feed on blood, the females can reach a weight 500 times higher than the original?

  • Paratarsotomus macropalpis,a tick in California, is moving with an amazing speed given its size? In just a second, it travels a distance equivalent to 322 times its body length.

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