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Turdus pilaris

The fieldfare is a sedentary species, which can be found in different forests, in parks or isolated trees.

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The fieldfare winters in large flocks, often in areas with shrubs that produce berries (blackthorn, hawthorn, wild rose etc). During winter, the fieldfare population in Romania is multiplied because many specimens from northern Europe come to our country for wintering.


  • Plumage: the head and neck are gray, brown back, the chest is brown-colored, speckled with brown spots and the abdomen is whitish. The underside of the wings is white.

  • The tail is black, quite long and straight cuted.

  • The beak of the fieldfare is yellow.

  • Food: in summer, the food consists of worms, caterpillars, larvae, snails and insects, which they are looking to the ground. In fall, this species eats berries and wild fruits during winter.

  • The fieldfare is considered the best flying species from it’s family.

  • The fieldfare’s voice is powerful and highly melodious at all.


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