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Western jackdaw

Corvus monedula

The western jackdaw is a brisk, nimble bird and is the smallest species of corvids present in Romania.

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The western jackdaw doesn't shy away from human settlements and it often nests in there. They locate their nests in attics and chimneys, in hollows, banks collapsed, rocks, under eaves or inside power poles.


  • In Romania, the jackdaw is a sedentary bird, very common and almost as large as the rook, with whom it often flies in flocks.

  • Plumage: black crown, tail and wings, the back of the head and neck are gray, dark gray on the  ventral side.

  • The jackdaw has a modular, varied voice.

  • Length: about 32-25 cm.

  • Wingspan: about 54-58 cm.

  • Weight: approximately 170 grams.

  • Omnivorous nutrition (varied diet). 


Common in areas with agricultural land, the jackdaw is a damaging bird. Because of its omnivorous diet, it spoils the nests of other birds and the crops of barley, oats, wheat, vegetables and various fruits.

Did you know...

  • In wildness, the life of a jackdaw is only 4 years?

  • The jackdaw can easily learn to imitate words or other sounds? The jackdaws are glib birds, that give the impression that they chatter among themselves and always make much noise.

  • The eggs of the jackdaws are shining blue, with brown dots?

  • In some cultures there are even legends for the jackdaws? For example, they say that a jackdaw that sits on a church tower portends the coming of rain.

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