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Anas platyrhynchos

The large mallard is the most spreaded and common species of ducks in Romania. 

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Although it is a migratory bird, mallard often remains during winter in our contry and gather in large groups around unfrozen waters.


  • The body is slightly elongated and it has a hydrodynamic shape, but it walks clumpsy on land.

  • The plumage is compact, harsh and abundant. The male’s plumage is totally different from that of the female.  The male’s neck and head are dark green with blue metallic reflections. On the neck, it can be seen a white collar. The male’s back and abdomen are brownish gray and the tail is all black, with some white feathers on the side.  The female has a closer color to that of the environment, brown-mottled with white patches on the tail and wings. The beak is yellow-gray.

  • The large mallard has well developed senses. Its sight is binocular and it has a visual field of almost 360 degrees. Hearing is equally well developed.

  • The male has orange legs.

  • The wide beak is yellow and the tongue is fleshy.

  • As a distinguishing mark, besides the color of the plumage, the male has some twisted tail feathers.

  • The mallards are both good flyers and swimmers.

  • Habitat: mallards can be found in areas with reed ponds or lakes with water and vegetation, that gives them favorable environment for food and shelter. The big willows are used for nesting.

  • Length: about 65 cm.

  • Weight: about 1.5 kg.

  • Wingspan: 80 – 95 cm.

  • Diet: the mallard feeds mostly in water, with various surface aquatic plants, worms and insects. When on the land, food consits of seeds, grains and various plants. 


Did you know...

  • When searching for food in the water, the mallard filters the sand with its beak, only keeping the aquatic organisms? The beak forms a filter that retains the food and eliminate the water.

  • If there is full moon, the mallard will sit all night in the water, splashing and looking for food?

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