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European herring gull

Larus argentatus

The silver seagull is a sedentary species, present in Romania all over the year and it has adapted very well even in the cities.

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  • Plumage: adults have the back gray, the head and the rest of the body are white. The wingtips are black with white spots and these parts are called „mirrors”.

  • The seagull chicks are brown with white spots and darker striations. The chicks reach adult coloration at the age of 4 years. During this period, they shed repeatedly.

  • Yellow beak with a red spot at the bottom.

  • Around the eyes, the silver seagull has a pale yellow ring.

  • No matter the age, the legs are pinkish.

  • The silver seagul always lives in pairs, hatching and spending winter in large colonies.

  • Lenght: about 60 – 66 cm. The female is smaller than the male (about 55 – 62 cm).

  • Wingspan: 137 – 150 cm.

  • Male weight: 1050 – 1250 grams. Female weight: 800 – 1000 grams.

  • Omnivorous diet. The silver seagull can adapt easily and it is scratching even in trash or drain covers to find food. It eats fish, molluks, echinoderms, crustaceans, insects, small mammals, even fruits, plants and seeds. We can even say that the silver seagull is extremely inventive when needed to solve the food problem.


Its high degree of adaptability makes this species present any season of the year in urban areas. During winter, when silver seagulls are grouped in large colonies, the level of noise pollution is extremely high, as the amount of droppings left behind. Such colonies easily put hold on garbage dumps, searching for food, especially during winter.

Did you know...

  • Its powerfull wings allow it to reach 40 km/h?

  • The silver seagull remove salt excess from its body by glands that can be found in the nostrils and eyes area?

  • The female makes 3 eggs, but each egg is made every two days?

  • The silver seagulls are very sociable and united among themselves? If an intruder approaches the colony, it would be immediatly banished and bombarded with regurgitated food and excrement.

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