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Common blakbird

Turdus merula

The common blackbirds are highly spreaded birds, living mainly in Europe and which make themselves noticed by their songs, similar to the sounds of a flute.

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  • Sedentary birds.

  • The male’s plumage is slightly different from that of the female. The male’s plumage is deep black and contrasts with the bright yellow beak, that darkens durring winter. The males have orange rings around their eyes. The female is brown all over the body, the chest is coppery speckled and the beak is dark. The chicks resemble the female, regardless their sex, mentioning that their upper parts shows pale spots, which disapear with time.

  • Lenght: about 23.5 – 29 cm.

  • Wingspan: about 35 – 38 cm.

  • Weight: 80 – 120 grams.

  • Omnivorous nutrition (varied diet).


Because of their diet, blackbirds are a real danger for fruits trees and shrubs, especially for vineyards and cherry trees.

Did you know...

  • The oldest blackbird specimen ever recorded lived 21 years and 10 months?

  • Durring mating, the male conquers the female through a ritual involving diagonally moves, tilling the head and singing a low tonality song?

  • Durring autumn, when the leaves are dropping and food is not as varied, blackbirds listen carefully to find worms beneath leaves?

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