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Streptopelia decaocto

The eurasion collared dove is a sedentary bird, pigeon-like and one of the most common birds in our country. 

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Doves are present in every town, large or small, which they prefer for the ideal nesting places and for abundant food.


  • Dove is a bird which models pertectly after any type of habitat or climate, featuring high resistance from very cold to very hot.

  • The plumage is gray with brown shades on the back. The peaks of the wings are dark gray to black.

  • The semi black collar is a specific feature for the dove.

  • Black peak and reddish legs.

  • Lenght: about 33 cm.

  • Wingspan: about 55 cm.

  • Maximum weight: 220 grams.

  • Food: grains, wheat, oats, small grain, sunflower, husked rice etc. Rarely, dove feeds with insects too.


It’s feeding diet turns the dove into a threat to crops fields, especially sunflower.

Did you know...

  • The dove is the bird which some cultures say that „it wanted to conquer the world?”. Hence, the high degree of adaptability in the plains, hilly or mountainous areas, from villages to the busiest cities.

  • Due to their adaptation and survival level, doves live around 15 to 17 years?

  • Listening to their song, it seems like they are singing their own names?

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