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Greylag goose

Anser anser

The greylag goose is the most spreaded species of wild geese in Romania. 

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Summer goose is a migratory bird that arrives in Romania in February and leaves in November to southern or western Europe. In Romania, this species is found mainly in the Danube Delta.


  • Plumage: gray brown with white spots on the womb and under the tail. The feathers on the back and wings have white edges. The head has dark plumage.
  • Sheds in June-July and can not fly until plumage is completely rebuilt.
  • Orange beak and pink-orange feet.
  • Weight: up to 4 kg for males and up to 3 kg for females.
  • Length: between 74 and 84 cm.
  • Wingspan: about 165 cm.
  • Long and thick neck.
  • Size is the difference between male and female and not the plumage.
  • Greylag geese migrate late fall, when they gather in medium V shaped flocks, ganged by the most experienced goose of the group.
  • Wild goose feeds off the marshes, on meadows and stubbles.
  • Food: cereals, seeds, herbs, aquatic plants, canola, pulses and ,rarely, insects.


Did you know...

  • From this species comes the romanian domestic goose?
  • Maximum wildlife is of 8 years for the greylag goose?

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