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Pica pica

Magpie is a medium sized bird which, although only lived in forests or in areas with clumps of trees, its great adaptability makes it found both around villages and in big cities. 

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Magpie is one of the most popular species if corvidae in Romania.


  • Plumage: the belly and its shoulders are white. Head, back, chin, wings and tail are black with blue metallic reflections.
  • Long tail, with middle feathers longer than the sides ones.
  • High-pitched and shrill voice (unmistakable feature).
  • Length: approximately 48 cm.
  • Wingspan: 50-60 cm.
  • Weight: 200-250 grams.
  • The magpie is intelligent, suspicious, always careful and lives mostly in groups.
  • It can not fly long distances. On the ground, it mooves by jumping.
  • During reproduction, magpies live in pairs. Outside this period, magpies live in groups consisting of a few hundred specimens.
  • Omnivorous nutrition (varied diet).


Magpie is an unwanted bird in households, because it steals eggs and even kidnaps chickens.

Did you know...

  • Magpie is among the few creatures who recognize themselves if they see in the mirror?
  • In Romanian folklore, magpie is a feminine symbol par excellence?
  • In China and Korea, magpie is seen as a symbol of good fortune and well-being? In the UK, magpie symbolizes misfortune, but two magpies signify joy.
  • Currently, the family of corvids, which include magpies, have more than 120 species spread around the world except Antarctica?
  • All corvids mate throughout life with one partner? Crows and ravens loyalty is so great that they did not seek another unless current partner was captured or killed.

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