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European shag

Phalacrocorax aristotelis

The european shag is a very rare species in Romania and can be seen in the Danube Delta or along coastline. 

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The european shag nests in some areas of the Black Sea, but especially in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic coast of Europe to Morocco. Some populations are wintering on the Black Sea shores, others on the Mediterranean shores.


  • Plumage: black with greenish metallic sheens.
  • Long neck and rounded tail, made of rigid feathers.
  • Powerful beak like a hook at its end.
  • Because of the lack of uropigiene glands, after each dive the european shag has to outstrech his wings to the sun to dry.
  • Length: approximately 76 cm.
  • Food: various species of fish (it catches fish through a clever underwater tracking).


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