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Common Tern

Sterna Hirundo

The Common Tern is a species that can be found on most of the European continent. Species characteristic for coastal wetlands and freshwater inland lakes.

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In Romania, the largest population of common terns can be found in Baraganului and Dobrogea area. Sometines, it can be seen on the seashore, where hunting in the shallows near the shore.


- Length: 31-37 cm.

- Weight: 110-145 grams.

- Wingspan: 75-80 cm.

- Stream-line shape.

- The plumage varies from season to season and depending on the age of the bird. Adult birds have similar appearance. The plumage is gray, red beak, clean, with black tip. The upper part of the head is black. 

- Red legs.

- Monogamous species, territorial, wintering in Africa.

- The male chooses the nesting territory, but if the female of the previous year is more than five days late, the the male starts searching for another female.

- Colonial nests or mixed colonies.

- Extremely pleasant, but strident cry. 

- Food: zoofaga/aquatic species: fishes (5-15 cm long), insects, mollusks, small crayfish.


Because food consists mainly of fish, common tern represents a real threat to ponds and lakes where they procure daily food.

Did you know...

- After the common tern locates the prey, it dives from 1-6 meters, to a depth of about 50 cm?

- The common tern feeds at a distance of 5-10 km far from the colony?

- Use the same nesting area every year? A pair of common terns returned to the same nesting spot for 17 years.

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