Pest control equipments

About us

Ozone Company wants to be identified as the tender leader of profesional products , based on quality at a fair and affordable price; the ecological perspective has a special importance in everything we do.
The products and services that are found in these pages are already tested and applied in Romania by our company.

The devices against birds and wild animals have evolved over time, from rudimentary methods, when the people used scarecrows to reduce damages in agriculture, to modern ones, which today Ozon Company proposes to use (with great effectiveness).

Besides the economic and sanitary-hygienic character, keeping away birds and wild animals within their natural habitat, the purpose is to maintain a healthy balance in the process of natural selection, preventing their access to mild sources and often to contaminated food.

Also, by applying organic methods to control birds and wild animals significantly reduces the chances of the spread, transmission and occurrence of various diseases, knowing that birds and wild animals are transmitters vectors of parasites, viruses and pathogens.

Ecological systems (non-lethal) are widely used in important areas such as agriculture, viticulture, fruit, forestry, hunting, fisheries, aviation, sanitation (landfills), urban area public parks etc.